Reggaeton: Chico Ye - Rayo Lazer (Reggaeton Mix)

Remember back in 2005-2006 when Daddy Yankee came with Gasolina and everybody got pretty much sick of the whole reggaeton thing? Well, we here in Boom Shakalaka are feeling that reggaeton might be slowly sneaking back; some dope tracks have been coming out lately and it seems like with the whole 2010 tropical bass movement the reggaeton rhythm doesn't fall too far from the current trend.

Anyway, this one from a mexican producer Chico Ye get the reggaeton beat nicely going and even builds it up with ravey squeeks and accelerating tempo. Hot on it self also, but damn this call for some vocals, so I think it's mash-up time... If you buggers out there get a nice one worked out before I do, make sure to hit us with it!

Rayo Lazer (Reggaeton Mix) by Chico Ye

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