Danza Kuduro: Which one do you prefer?

Oi yoi yoi!!! I hope you get the most out of this track, because it's another one of those tunes you might get sick of hearing in a while.

But, my question is. Which one do you prefer? Lucenzo's original version featuring Big Ali:

...or Don Omar's version featuring Lucenzo:

I personally think Lucenzo could have pulled this one off as a solo. Big Ali and Don Omar do not really contribute musically to the track in any way. All they seem to to do is add market value. I reckon Big Ali's annoying hyping on the cut is to add crossover value for the mainstream market. Whereas Don Omar smelled success in the original version and by making it his own he took it as far as you can get within the latin domain. Still, Lucenzo sounds good and the production is nice. So here are both versions for you to chose from:

Lucenzo feat Big Ali - Vem Dançar Kuduro (Club extended) (320k mp3 Divshare)
Don Omar feat Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro (320k mp3 Divshare)

... and a bonus merengue version (192k mp3 Divshare):

Don Omar feat Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro (Merengue Electronico Remix)


Electronic salsa: Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Salsa verde

I really like spicy food and salsa in all forms. And, I have also been diggin the sounds of Greenwood Rhythm Coalition. They came out with some new stuff earlier this year you should check out. In the mean while, if you haven't heard of them, let me introduce them to you via this green hot salsa, boogaloo, break track, Salsaaa verdee!

Greenwood Rhythm Section - Salsa verde (320k mp3) (Divshare)


Manele: Nicolae Guta - Mr Police

We did a party a week ago at legendary live venue Tavastia in Helsinki. A thing called Balkan madness! together with local balkan promoters/ djs Balkan fever.  It was cool to see people jamming, not just to your basic Shantel, but to stuff like Romanian manele. Which is why I'm sharing a banging manele track called Mr Police! by Nicolae Guta. This is if you wanna rock something in a balkan flavor beyond the gypsy brass sounds:

Nicolae Guta - Domnul Politai (Mr Police) (320k mp3) (Divshare)

Pick up more Nicolae Guta sounds at your local mp3 vendor here or here. He seems to featured on almost every manele compilation out there. And also check out this great spotify playlist by Birdseed, with manele and Bulgarian chalga among other things. Have to give a special shout out to Birdseed, who introduced me to manele in the first place.

Oh, and the police didn't crash our party, but it was featured in a local news paper that did a report on life in the city that day.